"It just opens up the discussion. I use them all the time so they have just become part of what I do in my session." - Family Therapist

Future in Mind (2015) states that “All services should give you the opportunity to set your own treatment goals and monitor with you how things are going.”

For young people, attending their first Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) appointment can provoke a great deal of anxiety. Next Step was designed by young people to improve the experience of setting and reviewing goals in CAMHS.

The kit:

  • Strengthens initial assessment by examining a young person’s strengths as well as their needs
  • Focuses on a young person’s whole life experience, not just their symptoms
  • Encourages choice and collaboration in line with the Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA)
  • Supports shared decision making
  • Improves CYP-IAPT routine outcome measurement through Goal Based Outcomes
  • Aligns with the ‘getting help’ quadrant of the THRIVE model that states “services should be goal focused, evidence informed and outcomes focused”