"Next Step has helped develop a whole school climate of resilience and self-belief. It has led to raised esteem in pupils and staff." - Head teacher

3 children in every classroom have a mental health condition. Only 1 of these will get access to a specialist NHS service.

The majority of mental health and emotional wellbeing support for young people takes place in school and community settings. Next Step empowers school staff to have conversations about mental health with young people.

The kit:

  • Provides a clear structure for difficult conversations, reducing anxiety for adults and young people
  • Enables interactions to be person-led, supporting them to choose their own path to achieve their goals
  • Takes a solution-focused approach to supporting young people's improvement in mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Allows young people to speak to trusted adults in a familiar environment, enabling early support and intervention
  • Offers a cost effective resource for young people who may not meet criteria for specialist mental health services
  • can be used with children as young as six with no upper age limit