What do young people say about Next Step?

Throughout our research, young people told us that the Next Step cards gave them the opportunity to be in control of their own therapy and choose their own goals. They believed that the cards provided clarity by helping them think and articulate what was important to them. They also said that the cards helped them work with their therapist and co-create a plan to solve their difficulties.

I liked working with the cards, it helped me to talk about things. Without them I wouldn’t have known what to say.

The cards were easy to understand and use. I didn’t know what to say at first, because I didn’t know her [the therapist].

The cards make it easier to help someone to understand how you are feeling.

They were easy to relate to and better than just talking. They were a good starting point and made it easier to think of what I wanted to talk about.

They helped me, my heart and my brain. They were a great method of helping me – without having something to show how things are in my life, it gets hard.

What is Next Step?