What do professionals say about Next Step?

Next step is designed to support anyone who cares for children and young people. There are currently around 1000 health, education and social care professionals licenced to use Next Step across England and Wales. This is what mental health clinicians, teachers and social workers have to say about Next Step:

Next Step helps to provide a structure and enables me to really focus on the young person in front of me.

It makes issues more tangible. I like the way that it breaks down goals into specific steps.

It helped the young person to point out what was going well and what wasn’t. It helped us to focus on the positives as well as looking at the areas to build on.

I saw one girl who refused to speak and I wouldn’t know what to have done without the cards. It’s a helpful way of engaging with young people who find it difficult to talk about things.

Next Step has helped develop a whole school climate of resilience and self-belief. It has led to raised esteem in pupils and staff.

It just opens up the discussion. I use them all the time so they have just become part of what I do in my session.

What is Next Step?